1. How do we get to the island?
You can cross Lemon Bay in your boat or Pirate Water Taxi provides transportation to the island.  Reservations are required; and we recommend making your reservations a  few days in advance, especially if you need to travel very early, after dark or on a holiday.

Pirate Water Taxi runs every day, typically during daylight hours.  Cost for the water taxi is $20 for one or two people, each way.  Be sure to verify this as prices sometimes change depending on the time of day you need to cross the bay.  Early or late trips likely are possible and definitely will have an extra charge. PLEASE try to arrive before dark!

The phone number for Pirate Water Taxi is 941-697-5777.  Before you call Captain Emmett to make your reservation, think about what time you can be parked at Eldred’s Marina, with your parking fee paid and with your possessions on the dock, ready to load and head off on your island adventure!

He runs a tight schedule and will ask that you plan to be ready to leave at your reservation time.  If you miss your reservation time, it may be an hour or two before the taxi can get you to the island, especially on holidays.  So give yourself 30 minutes more than you think you might need.  And if you arrive early and he’s got room on the taxi, he’ll generally take you over.

If you are bringing your boat, there is space to dock on a first come, first serve basis at Dock 21.

2. Where do we park?
You will park your vehicle at Eldred’s Marina. Their address is 6301 Boca Grande Causeway, Placida, FL 33946. Parking is $6 a day. Please pay for your parking and place your parking pass in your vehicle’s windshield before catching the water taxi to the island. If you arrive after dark and the marina is closed, please contact them the next day at 941-697-1431 and make arrangements to pay for your parking.

Summary: ***Water Taxi & Parking***
Park at Eldred’s Marina, 6301 Boca Grande Causeway, Placida, FL 33946
Water Taxi: Please provide 2 day notice for scheduled arrival and departures
Phone number to book is 941-697-5777
Cost:$20 per trip up to 2 people $10 for each additional person
Hours: 8:30a-5:00p
After hours service may be available at an increased rate
Parking: $6/night at both local marinas
Bring cash to pay for water taxi and parking

3. Can we buy groceries on the island?  Are there restaurants on the island?
No. There are no commercial establishments on the island. All groceries need to be purchased on your way to Eldred’s Marina  and brought over with you on the water taxi or your own boat. The closest grocery store on the mainland is approximately 3 miles from the marina where you park.

We offer access to our pantry.   Our guests typically will find something that they’ve forgotten in our pantry.  You are welcome to use what we’ve got.  And if you’ve got unopened supplies that you’d like to contribute to the pantry, that is welcomed but not expected.

We suggest that our guests carry over their groceries for the week because we’ve found that you won’t want to leave once you get to the island.  If you do want to go off island, the mainland is just a water taxi ride away.  A shopping service may available for a fee.  If you are interested in this, please contact us prior to your arrival to make arrangements.

4. How do we get around the island?
While most folks find walking on the beach or on the sandy paths to be a great way to get around the island (and get some exercise) you can rent a golf cart from  Little Gasparilla Island Carts,
(941) 697-3820

5. Where can we rent a boat?
There are three nearby boat rental agencies which will rent hourly, daily or for a week. Names and phone numbers are provided in the information package.

6. How do we get in the house?
Casa Contenta has a lockbox on the door.  You will be provided the code in your information packet.

7. Where’s the closest airport?
Sarasota Airport is just over an hour to the north. SW Florida Regional Airport in Ft. Meyers is about 90 minutes to the south. There are also small airports in Venice (45 minutes) and Punta Gorda (50 minutes) and a grass strip in Englewood.

8. Do you allow dogs?
No, due to insurance restrictions we are unable to accommodate pets.

9. Is the kitchen fully equipped?
The kitchen is very well equipped with toaster oven, refrigerator, electric range, microwave, coffee maker, blender, dishwasher, crock pot, ice cream maker and gas BBQ grill downstairs. You will find an ample selection of cookware, bakeware, utensils and  dishes.

10. Is there a washer/ dryer?  Is there an outdoor hose and shower?
Yes, there is a new top loading full-size washer and a dryer.

There is an outdoor shower with hot water, perfect for rinsing off salt water and sand.  There is a place to hang your bathing suit and beach towels to dry downstairs.

11. Are linens provided?
Yes, all linens are provided, including beach towels. Our sheets are 100% cotton and we offer a selection of pillows.

12. Is there a trash service on the island?
No.  You must carry all of your recyclables and trash off island via the water taxi.  We are a “leave no trace” kind of place.

Casa Contenta has a compost pile in the yard for all organic waste except meat and seafood.  We recommend that you keep all meat and seafood that is being discarded in the freezer until you leave.  Between doing this and using the compost pile, your trash will not smell.

And if you are willing to be a steward of our environment and pick up trash that you find on the beach, you will have our eternal gratitude.  We typically carry small grocery bags when we walk on the beach to pick up trash we find that has washed ashore.  Thankfully, there is not much to find.

13. Is there additional information available about how to minimize risks of visiting the beach?
Yes. Little Gasparilla Island is a paradise. That being said, there are risks that can be minimized by being prepared. Suggestions include the following:

• Swim at or inside the sand bar
• Don’t swim in a large group of bait fish, and if you see them jumping out of the water, move away. Something bigger is trying to eat them
• Shuffle your feet in the sand so you don’t surprise any stingrays that might be resting on the bottom
• Don’t swim after dark

Lots more information in the attached e-book available free online
Be safe, not fearful, and enjoy the beach!


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