“The name “Little Gasparilla” doesn’t ring a bell with most folks, not even with most Florida natives. It has managed to stay under the radar of just about everyone and everything.

People love cars. If ya can’t get there by car, they ain’t goin.

People love restaurants when they’re on vacation. Bringing all your own food in bags and coolers? To cook? Some would say that’s a little too close to camping for their taste.

No bridge connects Little Gasparilla to the rest of the world. It has no paved roads, no cars, no stop signs or traffic lights. No stores. No groceries or restaurants. No street lights.

But enough about what it doesn’t have. Let me tell you what it does have.

Peace and quiet. And trees. Lots of trees and singing birds.

It has 7 miles of beaches with few people but with many shells and shark’s teeth, nesting turtles and long-legged birds.

It has several miles of twisting, turning, meandering, bumpy sand trails you can explore on foot, on bike, or by golf cart, the most common means of transport on the island.

And it has some of the darkest nights you’ll find anywhere on this coast. Some people are amazed at seeing so many stars in the sky for the first time in their lives. They had no idea.

If that doesn’t sound like your thing, I’ve probably already lost you by now.” But if I’ve piqued your interest, you’ll probably want to make your reservations at Casa Contenta of LGI today!

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(credit to BeachHunter for the above info)